Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pre Launching and Press Conference of Peter Marvey : Magician Without Limit #92

Peter Marvey: Magician without Limits

There is David Blain with his over-the-limit stunts, David Copperfield with his spectacular escapology and Cyril Takayama’s incredible closed-up magic. All of them are world renown magician and well known figures in the entertainment field.
In recent event, another outstanding illusion act had mesmerize me. Peter Marvey, a Switzerland born magician, astoundingly shows his prowess in levitation by lifting not one but three real and well known local personality in front of my eyes.

Hannah Tan, JJ from Red FM and Cheryl Lee were there floating on the stage at the entrance door of Pavilion, KL. It was a spectacular and jaw dropping illusion act by Peter Marvey. Some may say thatthis is a sneak peak. For me it is a show of what could be expect for in his show.

The event that happening on the May 23, 2014 at the Pavilion ‘Nyonya Cups’ fountain is organized by Resort World Genting to showcase their next attraction. Peter Marvey: Magician without Limits is a show that is premise on a very high-end, spectacular and incredible experience for those who will attending the show.

For the sake of those who just heard of his name, Peter Marvey is a master illusionist in levitation. Hundreds of levitation act had been single-handedly created by him, a field which not many magician dare to approach.

A trailer of his show was also preview during the event, showing several more of his act including lower part of his body riding on a unicycle without his upper part. I must say, with the caption of the show, it is true that Peter Marvey is a magician without limit.

A whopping 150 shows had been schedule by the Resort World Genting throughout the year from 28th May till 24th November 2014. I would say it may be a show of a lifetime since all of the act shown are personally crafted by Peter Marvey himself.

For those who wanted to watch his show, these are the ticket price:
VIP – RM 118
PS1 – RM 88
PS2 – RM 48

There are also discount for the early birds and Resorts World Genting’s members. You can also book your ticket through 


by call through the hotline: 03-2718 1118.

Those who had come on this event were also given an opportunity to get a pair of ticket to watch this show’s premier on the 27th May 2014 by taking pictures under the Peter Marvey’s show booth.

Written by
Pink Panther of budak lelaki MIAT,
Wednesday, 5 June 2014.

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